Dolphin Express MX - Resources

Dolphin Express MX products are based on Microchip Switchtec PFX PCI Express Gen3 and Gen4 Switches.

Software and documentation found in this section supports the following Dolphin cards: MXH830, MXH930, MXH940 and MXH950

Starting with eXpressWare 5.18 - Dolphin Board Management Functionality is available with the following cards: MXH832, MXH932, MXH942 and MXH952. Support for MXP924 was added with eXpressWare 5.19.2

This software also supports the 24 port MXH824 switch - Please select another download section if you have another card (IXH or PXH family).

Installation Documentation

MX eXpressWare Installation and Reference Guides Hardware Guides Software Release Notes
Linux MXH830 Adapter Users Guide (pdf) eXpressWare version 5.x
Quick Installation Guide for release 5.x.x (html) MXH832 Adapter Users Guide(pdf) Firmware release notes
Installation and Reference Guide for release 5.x.x (html) MXS824 Switch Users Guide (pdf) MXS824 Management firmware
MXH930 Adapter Users Guide (pdf) MXH832 Firmware release note
Windows MXH932 Adapter Users Guide(pdf) MXH930 Firmware release note
Quick Installation Guide for release 5.x.x (html) MXH94x / MXH95x NTB Adapter Users Guide (pdf) MXH932 Firmware release note
Installation and Reference Guide for release 5.x.x (html) MXH94x / MXH95x Transparent Adapter Users Guide (pdf) MXH940 Firmware release note
  MXP924 PXIe System switch Users Guide (pdf) MXH942 Firmware release note
  MXP909 PXIe Module Users Guide (pdf) MXH950 Firmware release note
  MXS924 Switch Users Guide (pdf) MXH952 Firmware release note
    MXS924 Management firmware
    MXP924 Firmware release Note

SISCI Documentation

SISCI Functional Specification (html)

SISCI Functional Specification (pdf)

SISCI Users Guide

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