SCI Adapter
PCI Express and PCI Host Adapters

D352, D334, and D346 SCI Adapter Cards

Dolphin introduced the first SCI product line in 1992. SCI products are still available and supported under a valid maintenance and support contract. Please contact Dolphin for more information. New projects are recommended to migrate to the new Dolphin Express IX product family.

Dolphin's 2D and 3D Adapter cards makes it easy to construct high-performance scalable supercomputing clusters for parallel computing applications.

This is the interconnect solution for building very high-speed, low-latency superclusters. Clusters are easy to build and can ultimately scale to hundreds of nodes. At the core providing high performance is the Dolphin SCI interconnect hardware—an IEEE standard technology.

Software support is available for Intel, AMD and Sun Microsystems platforms and the software supports the Linux and Windows operating systems. A selection supporting software is available from Dolphin and third-party vendors.

The adapters provide backplane connections for 2D or 3D SCI configurations. The D346 (and t.b.a. D353) 3D models feature an external detachable EasyDock cable connector. By simply loosening two screws, the entire cable assembly can be quickly detached from the adapter card when a server node requires maintenance or removal from the cluster, without having to individually detach the cables or disrupt the cabling matrix.

Parallel Computing Applications

The product is used for applications that require handling large volumes of data at very high-speed. These types of closely coupled applications include database and web applications as well as scientific modeling, weather prediction, seismic processing, finite element analysis and other high-performance computing requirements.

Dolphin offers researchers and developers a cost-effective and simple method for building scalable high-performance supercomputing and server systems. The product is also applicable for OEM adaptation in areas such as scalable routers, simulators
and storage area networks (SANs).

Technical Specifications

Link Speeds

  • 2D model - 2 x 10 Gbits/s duplex
  • 3D models - 3 x 10 Gbits/s duplex


  • Over 385 MBytes/s throughput, 1.4 microsecond latency (application-to-application performance depending on PCI chipset)
  • 0.2 microsecond pipelined store

SCI Link Standard

  • ANSI/IEEE 1596-1992 Scalable Coherent Interface (SCI)

PCI Specification

  • PCI Local Bus Specification 2.2, 64/66 MHz
  • PCI Express™ 1.0a


  • Ring, 2D and 3D. Scales from 2 nodes to hundreds.

Physical Specifications

  • Cable Connection
  • Parallel STP Copper Cable (0.2 -10m)

Power Consumption

  • D334 7W, D346 9W,
  • D352 12W, D353 14W

Mechanical Dimensions

  • PCI Specification

Operating Environment

  • Operating Temperature: 0°C-55°C
  • Relative Humidity: 5%–95% non-condensing

Dolphin Software

  • Open source software modules
  • available include:
  • APIMPICH (from RWTH)
  • MPICH-2 (from NICEVT)
  • Dolphin SuperSockets™
  • SCI Interconnect Manager
  • Dolphin SW is available on a wide range of processors and operating systems.


The D35x serie cards have limited availabiltiy, please contact Dolphin for more informaiton.

D334 2D Adapter Card
D346 3D Adater Card with EasyDock
D352 2D PCI Express Adapter Card